One at a Time

10 Apr

Its either the time consuming work of being a mom or just pure, unadulterated laziness that has caused me to put off putting entries in this blog. So I will try on an experiment. post one photo at a time, then write something about it. Very tumblr-ish, but I cannot afford to keep another blog, having a hard time maintaining this one at the very least. Lets see if it will work for me.

On to Matteo’s birth story.

The month of September was an excessive time of anticipation for me and Christian. For Christian because of the anticipation of having the baby in his arms (and it was actually fun asking him a few days   after Matteo’s birth if he was still excited-or exhausted? haha). For me, because I was having sleepless nights with the baby using my spine as his bed and throwing ninja kicks almost all the time. I was so grumpy I decided to forego my matenity shoot (not a wise decision for someone who is interested in baby photography).

It amazed me at that time that even through I feel like I was carrying around a big sack of potatoes my cervix somehow didnt feel the need to dilate. For weeks I stayed a stubborn 2cm. Christian was sweet enough to let me walk from Greenbelt to Makati Med to speed up the process (Im dripping with sarcasm here).

So the day before my actual due date, we were in MMC for our checkup when I felt a gush a blood then after checking with the Ob I was finally admitted to the labor room. I was induced, and had 16 hours of labor. My savior was the wondeful epidural drip which kept me sane.

So while I was sleeping through the night relatively happy and painless free, Christian and the parents were up all night fretting. Thus the picture.



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