Under Construction

27 Mar

Almost six months too late and over half a year wrapped in a halt, the blog comes alive again with the chronicles of our newborn son (new being almost 6 months old now). Parenthood is definitely a rollercoaster ride: scary, stressful, but nonetheless exciting and fun.

I begin with the baby shower. Almost two months before the event mareng Reah, who is also Christian’s cousin, already asked me for the theme. I searched the net and found the concept “Under Construction” adorable and very apt. And being giddy and excited, it was not a surprise party at all! Reah and I discussed the details closely. And as most parties she had planned, it was a success!

Here is the official invitation (by Reah of course!):

Baby is Under Construction!
And the one that didnt make it but I loved it still!

Keeping up with the theme is this save the date and sticker design


One of the main attractions of the party is this diaper cake from Lola Elsie! So theme worthy!


and what’s a baby shower without baby chocolate treats?


The highlights of the party? The wonderful people of course!


Yup that’s me, fat, dark and happy!







Lovely cake, still by Reah ( and I’m not proud of the fact that I ate all of it!)


Future Mom and Dad



If i am writing this entry BEFORE I gave birth I would say Im really excited for Matteo and praying that he will be really healthy. God did answer my prayers.

Thank you to everyone for coming! (Soobrang late na!) haha


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