Our 6mm Wonder

23 Feb

Its been quite some time since our last post. Well, our household was recently rattled by some very exciting news.

Feb 1

We have just arrived from our Iloilo-Bacolod vacation extravaganza. I still cant get over how my breasts feel so sore. I mention it to Christian several times (I think the proper term is whine), but he just tells me maybe its because I’m near my period (which is like a week delayed already). We had several false alarms already during our 2 years into the marriage. But my stubborness took over and when we were having our afternoon siesta, I fish out our extra preg test kit and make a rush for the bathroom. The test had 2 faint lines, and I told Christian “Seryoso ba ito? E baka pangit lang ang test pack”. We decided to keep it to ourselves first until the repeat test.

Feb 2

Lo and behold, a repeat preg test at the clinic was a super clear positive! I called Christian and our parents to tell them the news, and when I got home I found him sort of tulala. Haha. Magulo raw sa Eygpt, may flood daw sa Australia, magulo raw ang mundo para sa anak namin. What?! Hehe. The grandparents on the other hand, were estatic. My father-in-law wanted to know if its a boy or girl (err… its only 6 weeks), and my mother asked when we would start shopping (now there’s something that’s never too early to do!). We decided to keep it to ourselves at the moment, but my in laws overflowing joy cant stop them from sharing the news at church. The rest, as they say, is ICS history. hehe

Feb 5

Went to see my OB for the first time. Advised us not to tell anyone yet until we see the ultrasound. Err… too late for that!

Feb 5

Had our first ultrasound. Sonologist had to manuever to see the baby since its really small. But there it was, our 6mm happy tot, with its little heart beating.

We are still a little bit on the acceptance phase (haha), and we are trying to see how we will adjust to this new phase of our lives. But we are thankful nonetheless. Do keep us in your prayers.


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