20 Jan

Welcome to the Happy Tots Studio site, where we will blog about our adventures in baby photography.

I suppose we should introduce ourselves first. I’m Claire, a pediatrician, the pasimuno, the blogging arm, and hopefully, the one who will bring in the clients (*beautiful eyes to all my patients’ parents). haha. If ever you can join us in our shoots, you will probably see me tagging along, helping the little models flash their beautiful smiles. My husband is Christian, who is the photographer. I have always taken pride in his goal to take the most natural shot, to really capture the moment in its true form.

This is how Happy Tots Studio came to life. We want to veer away from the usual “posed” shots we see every so often in other studios. Instead, we would like to have our clients do their thing, and shoot them in the most unobstrusive way possible, be it in the studio or in an outdoor setting.

Right now, Happy Tots Studio is still in the think tank. We are however, so blessed to have many willing moms ready to lend us a hand with this. Our first shoot will be on January 23.

Watch out for our entries, I assure you its worth your viewing. =)



2 Responses to “Hi!”

  1. Nio January 20, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

    PAK!!! Excited na ako for you guys!!! WEEEEE!!!

  2. diane January 25, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    wow!! good luck to your new venture!
    naalala ko pa tong shot na to ni cali! really cute!

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