One Year Ago

28 Sep

One year ago, our lives changed. And I never looked back! I love you my baby boo boo, even if I almost pull out my hair bacause you are so kulit!
Happy birthday Matteo! I pray that you will be a great man of God.











Matteo’s Diaper Story

15 Apr

This post is written for the Real Diaper Week Carnival with the theme “Real Simple. Real Diapers.”  We aim to educate and advocate the use of cloth diapers in the Philippines.  Please scroll below to read the other carnival posts about cloth diaper styles, how to’s or must haves. 

Before I became pregnant, I would never have imagined I would be this obsessive-compulsive on the simplest things I do for my son.
As with every mom, I only want the best, and the best includes one that is totally value for money. I also want to start minimizing my carbon footprint. I researched extensively, and found out that cloth diapering is not a hassle as it seems to be.
You may read from other blogs about the wondrous advantages of cloth diapers. I will skip on that part and will try to give you my two cents worth on Next 9 diapers.
After much research, i decided on  Next9 diapers because
1. Cheapest one with good quality
2. Extremely good reviews
3. Proudly Filipino made
Sure, I’ve seen several imported brands that are cuter and had a more established reputation but for me, what is the point of being economical, of boasting that cloth diapers are actually cheaper in the long run than the disposables, if you are going to buy super expensive ones. But silently I was praying that these next9 diapers better do good. Haha.
So when Mattie arrived the diapers were put to the test.

Here are my basic points on our experience so far:
1. Mattie first used it when he was one month old. That’s when the chaos of giving birth and the new baby calmed down hehe. I noticed that its a little bit maluwag pa rin in the leg area even when adjusted to the smallest size. Thats a consideration if you have a small baby. He was about 3.5kg at this time.
2. I invested in 9 diapers and it seems to work out pretty well for me. But mind you, we only use these diapers during the day, so if you are considering full time on cloth diapers, might want to buy a few more.
3. I looove the soft lining of the diaper, which is fleece. So soft you’ll believe that it wont do any harm on your baby’s bottom. Keeps the baby dry too.
4. Inserts are so absorbent, but it takes a while for them to dry up after wash. You may want to buy extra inserts.
5. So easy to wash! Just wash with gentle detergent, rinse and hang! Less than 5 minutes!
6. If you are worried about having to wash poop, i bought these diaper liners that catch the poop so you can just throw them out without soiling the diaper

There you go. Its only been 5 months since i started using next9 diapers but I can tell you Im absolutely satisfied with them. No leak accidents so far and my baby had no problems with diaper rash. It was money well spent!

Photos of Mattie with his Next9 diapers





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One at a Time

10 Apr

Its either the time consuming work of being a mom or just pure, unadulterated laziness that has caused me to put off putting entries in this blog. So I will try on an experiment. post one photo at a time, then write something about it. Very tumblr-ish, but I cannot afford to keep another blog, having a hard time maintaining this one at the very least. Lets see if it will work for me.

On to Matteo’s birth story.

The month of September was an excessive time of anticipation for me and Christian. For Christian because of the anticipation of having the baby in his arms (and it was actually fun asking him a few days   after Matteo’s birth if he was still excited-or exhausted? haha). For me, because I was having sleepless nights with the baby using my spine as his bed and throwing ninja kicks almost all the time. I was so grumpy I decided to forego my matenity shoot (not a wise decision for someone who is interested in baby photography).

It amazed me at that time that even through I feel like I was carrying around a big sack of potatoes my cervix somehow didnt feel the need to dilate. For weeks I stayed a stubborn 2cm. Christian was sweet enough to let me walk from Greenbelt to Makati Med to speed up the process (Im dripping with sarcasm here).

So the day before my actual due date, we were in MMC for our checkup when I felt a gush a blood then after checking with the Ob I was finally admitted to the labor room. I was induced, and had 16 hours of labor. My savior was the wondeful epidural drip which kept me sane.

So while I was sleeping through the night relatively happy and painless free, Christian and the parents were up all night fretting. Thus the picture.


Under Construction

27 Mar

Almost six months too late and over half a year wrapped in a halt, the blog comes alive again with the chronicles of our newborn son (new being almost 6 months old now). Parenthood is definitely a rollercoaster ride: scary, stressful, but nonetheless exciting and fun.

I begin with the baby shower. Almost two months before the event mareng Reah, who is also Christian’s cousin, already asked me for the theme. I searched the net and found the concept “Under Construction” adorable and very apt. And being giddy and excited, it was not a surprise party at all! Reah and I discussed the details closely. And as most parties she had planned, it was a success!

Here is the official invitation (by Reah of course!):

Baby is Under Construction!
And the one that didnt make it but I loved it still!

Keeping up with the theme is this save the date and sticker design


One of the main attractions of the party is this diaper cake from Lola Elsie! So theme worthy!


and what’s a baby shower without baby chocolate treats?


The highlights of the party? The wonderful people of course!


Yup that’s me, fat, dark and happy!







Lovely cake, still by Reah ( and I’m not proud of the fact that I ate all of it!)


Future Mom and Dad



If i am writing this entry BEFORE I gave birth I would say Im really excited for Matteo and praying that he will be really healthy. God did answer my prayers.

Thank you to everyone for coming! (Soobrang late na!) haha

Our 6mm Wonder

23 Feb

Its been quite some time since our last post. Well, our household was recently rattled by some very exciting news.

Feb 1

We have just arrived from our Iloilo-Bacolod vacation extravaganza. I still cant get over how my breasts feel so sore. I mention it to Christian several times (I think the proper term is whine), but he just tells me maybe its because I’m near my period (which is like a week delayed already). We had several false alarms already during our 2 years into the marriage. But my stubborness took over and when we were having our afternoon siesta, I fish out our extra preg test kit and make a rush for the bathroom. The test had 2 faint lines, and I told Christian “Seryoso ba ito? E baka pangit lang ang test pack”. We decided to keep it to ourselves first until the repeat test.

Feb 2

Lo and behold, a repeat preg test at the clinic was a super clear positive! I called Christian and our parents to tell them the news, and when I got home I found him sort of tulala. Haha. Magulo raw sa Eygpt, may flood daw sa Australia, magulo raw ang mundo para sa anak namin. What?! Hehe. The grandparents on the other hand, were estatic. My father-in-law wanted to know if its a boy or girl (err… its only 6 weeks), and my mother asked when we would start shopping (now there’s something that’s never too early to do!). We decided to keep it to ourselves at the moment, but my in laws overflowing joy cant stop them from sharing the news at church. The rest, as they say, is ICS history. hehe

Feb 5

Went to see my OB for the first time. Advised us not to tell anyone yet until we see the ultrasound. Err… too late for that!

Feb 5

Had our first ultrasound. Sonologist had to manuever to see the baby since its really small. But there it was, our 6mm happy tot, with its little heart beating.

We are still a little bit on the acceptance phase (haha), and we are trying to see how we will adjust to this new phase of our lives. But we are thankful nonetheless. Do keep us in your prayers.

Sabine: Save the Date

2 Feb

And we’re back! =)

Just in Case

26 Jan

We had our blog launch yesterday.

Ganun pala feeling, you are always on the lookout for comments, feedbacks etc. =)

And I was constantly checking the site meter, pleased that last night had 150++ hits! Not too shabby! Babaw ko no? =)

We also had our first inquiry EVER! haha. Please do book us and make Happy Tots history!

Thanks for visiting  guys, it really warms the heart. Do check in every once in a while.

As for the real topic of this post, Christian and I will go on a little vacation tomorrow with my MMC Pediatric batchmates but you can still text, call or email me. However,  on January 30-Feb 1, we will be going to an island and I am told that there may not be a signal there for Globe or any network whatsoever.  I am posting this, just in case you guys will be inquiring, we might not be able to answer you right away. Best to email us, and I will reply as soon as I can.

We will post something exciting next week. Stay tuned! =)

Oooh, by the way, Christian also wrote about Happy Tots in his Multiply site. You can also find some of his work there.